Top 5 Amazon Picks for Online Boutiques

Being a boutique owner is hard, especially if you’re online only. I’ve totally been there. I threw together my top 5 Amazon purchases I wish I had bought sooner! Hope you find something helpful here 😀

Pick #5: Accutek All-in-1 Postal Scale

I was packing orders up IN THE POST OFFICE, y’all. Wanna know how much money I wasted? Me either. It still hurts my heart. When I was brand new, no one told me I could get cheaper rates if I shipped at home on PayPal and just scheduled a pickup. And when I realized I could, I thought I could only do it for priority flat rate. OUCH. I was sending a package that weighed 3 OUNCES via padded flat rate for $7. Yep. HUGE loss. Now I send out 3 ounce packages for $3 aaaalllllllll day long.

Pick #4: Backdrop

Live sales and product photos are HARD when you don’t have a cute store as a background, so I saddled up and bought this backdrop. I used it for my live videos and even my product photos! I worked great and made my pictures look so much more professional.

Pick #3: Dymo LabelWriter

If you’re shipping out a ton of orders and replacing your ink CONSTANTLY, this bad boy is for you. The Dymo LabelWriter prints shipping labels - but it uses NO ink. It’s thermal. So all you need to do is buy the label paper (also super cheap btw) and you are good to go. So bye to paper, ink and tape. I also have the smaller 450 version that I use for bar codes in the store front!

Pick #2: Steamer

One thing I always hate about getting new inventory in is that the vendors shove it in a box and make everything so wrinkled, and sometimes it has a weird odor from shipping. So I bought this little steamer to keep everything looking neat! Another boutique gal friend suggested adding essential oils into the water to add a nice smell, so I added lavender and it’s awesome!

Pick #1: Lighting Kit

Hands down the BEST thing I ever bought when I was online only was this lighting kit. It made my photos and videos so much better, and helped show the true colors better in live sales.