BOUTIQUE WEEK: Standing Out Online

Hey ladies! Welcome to our first ever Boutique Week! I am so excited to be launching this segment.

The retail industry has changed drastically in the last few years. The Huffington Post said it well: ".... no industry has been more directly impacted by new technologies than retail." People no longer feel the difference between shopping online and in-store. Traditional retailers are feeling the wrath -  Toys R Us is closing down all 735 stores, Foot Locker is closing 110 stores, Best Buy is closing 250 stores, even Michael Kors will be closing between 100 and 125 retail locations this year. The industry is changing, and boutiques have a leg-up when it comes to these changes. 

It has never been more important to make your business stand out online. Whether it's your social media pages, your website, or the shopping experience you give customers. Being an online retailer these days is like being on the 800th floor of a mall. So how can you be sure to stand out online?

  1. Branding - Your logo and correlating marketing materials will be the first impression customers get of your business. It's important that it is professional and well put together. I highly recommend hiring an experienced graphic designer if you are not sure what you're doing. Blurry, unprofessional branding can greatly effect the integrity of your brand. It can change a person's opinion of your business before they even place an order with you - especially in an e-commerce world where there are tons of fake websites waiting to take people's money. 
  2. Website - The usability and feel of your website can drive customers away. It's important to be sure your site is user-friendly and appealing. The web-hosting company you use can also have an impact on this. Some hosting companies load slower and don't rank well when it comes to SEO.
  3. SEO - This stands for Search Engine Optimization, and controls where your business comes up in a web search. If you don't have good SEO, you may not come up at all (or on the 100th page) when someone searches relevant keywords to your business. 
  4. Driving traffic - Boutiques all have different methods for driving traffic to their sites. For example, NanaMacs has mastered the Facebook Live feature for their business. With tons of views and engaging content with their models, their Facebook Lives are wildly popular among viewers. Other methods are fashion blogs, engaging Instagram accounts, and fun Youtube channels (bonus tip: Google owns Youtube - guess what's coming up in Google searches first?).

Utilizing these tips if you haven't already can help your business greatly. I have seen first hand how branding and a website can effect a business's credibility. SEO and driving traffic comes after.

How will you be implementing these tips into your business? Be sure to let me know in the comments!

Come back tomorrow for Pricing Effectively in a Competitive Market!