Must Haves For a An Online Retail Business

After running my boutique for over a year, I definitely have list of some business must haves. So here they are!

1. Postal Scale. This is the exact scale I purchased almost two years ago and I still use it almost daily.


2. Polymailers. I'm a sucker for cute packaging so this should be self explanatory.

3. Label Printer. Save yourself the time (and money) at the post office and invest in this bad boy. The price does fluctuate often, so watching it for a little while may help you get the best deal. The cheapest I've seen it is around $157.

4. Clothing Racks. Even though you're online only, you still need sensible storage. Plus, these are great for events! I went with a cheap one at first and it broke after a week - you definitely get what you pay for!

5. Hangers! Velvet hangers totally changed the look of my racks. I wanted them to look nice when I did events, so investing in hangers definitely helped. I also liked how the velvet are more compact compared to the wooden ones. 

6. Camera Tripod. This is a must if you're taking your own product photos!

That's it for this edition! Stay tuned for a Vendor Events Edition coming soon!


***This post contains affiliate links***