Pre-Made vs Custom Designer - What's the difference?

As a custom designer, I get asked all the time about the differences between my services and services on websites such as Etsy and Fiverr. It's hard to differentiate all of the differences, since they're both platforms with many online stores. I have fixed many Etsy and Fiverr logos for many different reasons. It's often one of the following reasons: poor resolution, lack of usable files, popularity, and copyright.  

Poor Resolution

This has been the case with mostly Fiverr. To use your logo on all social media channels, your website, in ads, and to create marketing materials, you need a high resolution image. If it has low resolution, it will look blurry and pixelated - which in turn makes you appear unprofessional to many potential customers.

Lack of Usable Files

I have experienced this with both Etsy and Fiverr. When you pay me for your logo design, I guarantee quality by sending you three different file types: JPEG, PNG, and EPS. JPEG files are great if you just want to throw a picture on your Instagram and set your profile pictures for your business pages. PNG files are great for watermarking content as they have a transparent background. What a lot of Etsy and Fiverr logos are missing, however, is EPS files. These files make it possible for you to resize as well as print your logo without any blurriness or pixelation. Always ask if this file type is included when purchasing. 


This is the number one reason why I suggest having your logo custom designed. When you purchase a ready-made logo (which is usually the case on sites like Etsy and Fiverr), you run the risk of having a million other businesses with the exact same logo. Sellers will resell this logo as long as they want and all they do is change the name of the business. Talk about your business not standing out, right?


This is hugely important. When sellers resell the same logo to millions of different businesses just like yours, you don't own the copyright to that logo design. This is why it is so cheap to get these logos. There's no work involved and they don't give you the rights to their design. This could potentially be an issue for trademarking down the road, although that issue would be best taken up with a lawyer as I spend my time designing and not in the court room. 

I hope you gained some insight on the differences between custom logo design and pre-made logos. See you guys at the next blog post!

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