Taking a Holiday Hiatus - Can I Do It?

It's the holiday season, the online shopping hustle is over, and now all you wanna do it lay back on the couch binge watching Hallmark movies. But you're left wondering, "Can my business survive if I take some time off?". Well, the answer totally depend on you and your business. Think reasonably, but also remember that family comes first. Would it kill your business to take the week of Christmas off? Probably not! Holiday order deadlines are long gone and it's time to relax with your family. Being a hustler is a great quality! Just remember to take time for important things too. So if you're sitting here thinking "Heck yes, girl! Let's take this hiatus and retreat into the covers!", keep on reading and we'll talk about how to take a little Holiday Fluff Vacay.

1. Let your customers know! Don't leave them hanging. Lot's of small businesses take breaks during the holidays. A simple "Hey, we're taking a Christmas break and will not be fulfilling orders between December 23 and December 27" will suffice. You could even spice it up with a graphic from the Boutique Portal if you wanna get all festive.

2. Try to stay active on your pages and groups! You may not be fulfilling orders, but disappearing from your pages and groups for days (even hours) can kill your engagement. With algorithms changing constantly, it's important to stay on top of your game. Try a scheduling app so you're not tied to your phone, like Buffer or Post Cron.

3. Follow through and give yourself a break! We hustle all fall gearing up for the holiday rush. It's finally over, now follow through with your Hallmark binge and take a much needed break. 

Happy Holidays & Hallmark Binge Season!

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